They Bring Enough to Share

Jesus once fed 5,000 people with five loaves of bread and two small fish. Our record is feeding four people with two cans of sardines and a stale loaf of pumpernickel. While we can't perform miracles, we can give you more for less. Be confident at your next big event without breaking the bank. Retreats, Keynotes/Workshops, Adult and/or Student leadership team Training, and Rallies are our specialty! We'll even throw in a compelling speaker/infectiously comedic emcee (Mike Sylvester) and an enthusiastic worship leader/inspired songwriter (Claire Long). Keynotes, skits, games, guided meditations, and worship will be brought in spades. We'll leave the sardine sandwiches at home.

5thousand exists to bring the joy and zeal of the Gospel to all people. Based on lived experiences with the Lord, we seek to offer all that we have to be multiplied, crumbs and all, and spiritually feed the 5,000 of our world.