We have 5,000 testimonials calling 5thousand the greatest performance group in the history of mankind. Then there are these testimonials not written by us:

(1/5) Fr. West, South Carolina

Generally, I believe the students not only enjoyed themselves but also came away enriched and excited. One parent said something like, "The daughter I picked up on Sunday was not the same daughter I dropped off on Friday. I like the new one much better."

(2/5) Tim, Florida

The event was awesome, and being our first-ever, it was great that you and Mike could handle everything for planning all of the parts of the day out. Having that experience was extremely helpful, and gave us a first-class program. I'm not sure how things would have turned out if we had to figure out everything ourselves, or just had a speaker come in. Both your and Mike's talks were incredible, and the music was awesome. Having everything together in one package was definitely a plus too. And of course, the hour of worship before Mass was a sight to see, with all of the kids swaying and singing to the music. A memorable experience indeed.

For any church or region looking to put together a conference, rally or retreat, they should definitely check you out. I'd be happy to talk with anyone as well. My email is sttmyouthrocks [AT] aol [DOT] com, or I can be reached on our Youth Hotline, which is 941-376-0279.

(3/5) Michael, Missouri

5thousand was a great experience for South Side Youth Ministry. We have had many different artists and speakers come to present, but 5thousand offered a unique mix of speaking and music that speaks to a younger generation. Bryan's music and Mike's stories were engaging, relevant, and uplifting. We look forward to working with them in the future!

(4/5) Caye, South Carolina

I want to thank you and Mike for a wonderful experience at our Confirmation retreat. The introductory ice breakers and music were not only lots of fun, but they also established a real, and almost immediate, connection between you and the teens. The light-hearted beginning opened them to listen to the content of your talks. It was almost like I could see thoughts percolating in their heads and the Holy Spirit working in their souls. The closing was truly awesome.

I used to do my own retreats because I knew the message I wanted the confirmation candidates to hear. Why reinvent the wheel? 5thousand did all that I did PLUS added MUSIC!

(5/5) Matthew, South Carolina

I have had Mike speak to the high school, middle school, and confirmation programs here at St. Andrew Catholic Church. With each gathering, he has been very thorough and prayerful in his preparation. The fruits of this were ultimately evident at the event. He has been able to connect to the young people of our community and deliver a powerful message that has always been well received. With one of the events, he was actually able to incorporate one of our high school youth into the planning and implementation of the program. This and each of the events that Mike has put together for us have been truly outstanding.

Each year, I ask the youth if there is something that they would like to do this coming year. Bringing Mike back to speak is regularly one of the top answers.